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From the formation of the world, “sound” has always existed and has transformed over time into music. Jacques Attali suggests that “listening to the noises/sounds of the world helps us see and organize the future.” With the advancement of technology, the role and place of music and sound in the digital world has expanded. Therefore, the importance of using music and sound cannot be underestimated in light of these developments. Within the scope of digital media, the working areas of the sound and music industry include music distribution and related copyright issues over the Internet, sound design, music for computer games and films, recording technologies, and sound effects. In this context, our team aims to develop these areas, find solutions to possible problems, and expand job opportunities related to these fields.

In this digital age we live in, the production and broadcasting of sound and music content have inevitably become a part of our daily lives through digitalization. We provide support for these areas with our team of experts within our association.

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