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We aim to ensure the qualified and efficient integration of digital content production into the sector.

The production and consumption of digital media content has emerged as a new economic model due to the widespread use of channels such as products, services, and content offered over the internet, websites, social media platforms, online conferences, education, and consultancy platforms, and the increasing digitization of the world. The economic potential of producing and sharing content quickly and widely has created an economic opportunity.

Developing solutions to the problems brought about by uncontrolled growth, ensuring that content producers produce content that is compatible with social values and structures, marketing content at national and international levels, and increasing the employment of qualified personnel are the fundamental objectives of digital media (DİMED).

  • Assisting in the marketing of these contents at national and international levels, along with the production of more high-quality content
  • Increasing efficient and qualified producer employment
  • Managing the economic value of the sector more accurately, resulting in a positive contribution to the country’s economy.
  • Creating awareness among potential producers in all areas influenced by digital media.
  • Developing new proposals to solve the problems brought about by uncontrolled growth in content production.
  • Producing content in accordance with social structures and values.
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